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European Open Science Cloud - EU Node



From scientific publications and data to software and ready to use tools, EOSC assembles the collective output of the European research and innovation community. EOSC is often referred as the European Common Data Space for Research and Innovation. It builds upon the efforts of the Member States and Associated Countries (developing national Open Science Policies), Research Infrastructures, e-Infrastructures, EU-funded research projects, thematic clusters, and private initiatives, leading up to the materialisation of the European Open Science Cloud.  

The transformative pathway towards establishing Open Science as the new norm is a joint endeavour. One of which you can contribute to in terms of Open Science resources, science-supporting services, technology, policies, and training. You can also help us shape the features and services of the EOSC EU Node itself. 

Contributor Categories

Contributor Categories: 

  • Repositories: Offer curated and FAIR research products with unique identifiers and minimum semantic interoperability (such as publications, data, software, etc.) that are as open as possible and as closed as necessary. 
  • Research Infrastructures: Contribute specialised knowledge, tools, applications, and datasets, particularly in niche or cutting-edge areas of science.  
  • Technology and Infrastructure Providers: Offer infrastructure and/or platform services following the cloud-based delivery model, that can form the European backbone of computational and data storage capabilities. 
  • Software Developers and IT Professionals: Develop the models, tools, and applications that facilitate data management, analysis, collaboration, and other essential research activities within the EOSC ecosystem. 
  • Industry Partners: Engage with the EOSC EU Node for collaborative research activities spanning across public and private sectors and for potentially bridging the gap between scientific research and industrialised innovation. 

Detailed information on how you can contribute to the EOSC EU Node will be available soon in this space. Rules of Participation are subject to apply. 

Core Capabilities

The EOSC EU Node will offer in the future the possibility for Contributors to utilise some core capabilities “as a Service”. Those capabilities will be:   

  • EOSC Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI): A federated trust and identity management framework for EOSC. 

  • Resource Catalogues and Registry Services: Seamless connection and discovery of research objects and catalogues. 

  • Application Workflow Management: A workflow tool to compose and orchestrate infrastructure resources federated into EOSC. 

  • Monitoring and Accounting: Transparent monitoring and accounting information across EOSC.  

  • Helpdesk: Part of the Service Management System proposed for EOSC as a common framework for operationalised environments.

More details about this outsourcing model will soon be available! 

Technology Forum

If you are interested in keeping up to date with the technical and related policy developments of the EOSC EU Node, please join the Technology Forum. Research output publishers, service providers, research infrastructures, and any European organisation interested in contributing directly to the EOSC EU Node with its research output and services, or indirectly by establishing its own EOSC Node in the future, are welcome. The Forum will engage new and past contributors (referred to as ‘Providers’ in the past) inviting discussion and providing support as needed. 

You can express your interest and join our Technology Forum by filling out the form on this page