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Interactive Notebooks

Interactive notebooks
Interactive Notebooks

Create and share documents with real-time code execution.

Service Overview

Interactive Notebooks are a browser-based tool designed for interactively analysing data. Based on the Jupyter Hub, they enable you to create and share documents that include live code, equations, visualisations, and explanatory text. With Jupyter’s support of all programming languages, including R and Python, the service seamlessly integrates text, mathematical equations, computational code, and multimedia outputs. Capable of scaling to accommodate multiple users and servers, the Notebooks are key in facilitating collaboration. 

These Notebooks provide a versatile and interactive platform that facilitates different aspects of the research process, fostering transparency, collaboration, and reproducibility across diverse research fields. With the Interactive Notebooks, you can collaborate more effectively, streamline your workflows, and enhance the transparency and reproducibility of your research. Empower your research endeavours with real-time collaboration and visualisation capabilities, revolutionising the way you analyse and share data. 


  • Transparency
  • Reproducibility
  • Easy data sharing
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Interactive visualisation
  • Methodology documentation

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