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Large File Transfer

Large file transfer
Large File Transfer

Streamline large file transfers online with added security and integrity.

Service Overview

The Large File Transfer Service harnesses the simplicity of Web-based protocols to provide you with a reliable and secure method to send large files via the Internet. By means of a download link or email, securely transmit large files through a protected pathway to other users. Facilitating the asynchronous movement of data files between source and destination storage endpoints, the Large File Transfer service includes features such as automatic retry in case of transfer failure and performance optimisation for handling large files or multiple files simultaneously. 

By leveraging the Large File Transfer Service based on the open-source product FileSender, you can efficiently share large files while ensuring data security and integrity. Whether it is collaborating on research projects, sharing multimedia files, or exchanging large datasets, the service offers an easy solution for transmitting data of any size.  


  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Seamless data handling
  • Secured pathway

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