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Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines
Virtual Machines

Design and conduct experiments with flexibility while ensuring reproducibility.

Service Overview

Virtual Machines (VMs) offer a dynamic approach to computing and storing data in the cloud, provided in given t-shirt sizes. Researchers can use VMs based on OpenStack technology to create isolated environments for experimenting with different configurations, software setups, or algorithms. VMs can be used to create reproducible research environments. By packaging the entire software stack and data dependencies within a VM image, researchers can ensure that their experiments can be easily replicated by others, enhancing the credibility and transparency of their research. 

Virtual Machines offer researchers a flexible, scalable, and secure computing environment for conducting experiments, analysing data, and collaborating with colleagues in various research disciplines. 


  • Resource optimisation
  • Reproducibility
  • Data security
  • Flexible testing environment
  • Scalability

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